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Clogged drains can be a bit of a wildcard. Is it simply an annoyance that needs to be taken care of eventually, or is it a serious problem that can cause dangerous problems? It can be hard to tell, but when you require drain cleaning assistance you want the best of the best. That’s where Omega Plumbing comes in with our team of plumbing experts, here to help get your problems taken care of quickly.

When to Call a Plumber 

Things can get messy real fast if your drains aren’t working the way they should. Dirty water and bacteria backed up into your home is something no one wants or needs. We know it can be awfully tempting to go the DIY route with a plunger or chemicals, but those aren’t always the most effective (or permanent) means of fixing things. For the most safe, efficient method for drain cleaning, contact the professionals. For safe, effective drain cleaning, it’s best to call a professional. At Omega Plumbing, we provide straightforward and quick plumbing services throughout San Antonio. 

Signs You Need Your Sewer Drain Cleaned

The sooner you catch these problems, the better. Knowing what to look for is key to getting a handle on it. The following are the most common signs that you could need sewer drain repair.

  • Inconsistent Toilet Water Levels 

If you’ve noticed the water levels in your toilet fluctuate day-by-day, it’s a sign of an issue with your sewer system. 

  • Animal Presence 

If there are suddenly more rodents or other critters hanging out in your yard, you could have a break in your sewer line. 

  • Foul Smells 

If you can smell raw sewage inside or outside your home, you need to have a plumber come out immediately.

  • Pooling Water 

If you have swampy or pooling water in your yard or have noticed random spots of lushness, there may be a leak in the sewer line.

  • Slow Drainage 

If you have multiple drains that are quite slow, there could be a deeper issue in the system.

Causes of Clogs

When pipes and drains become clogged, water has to go somewhere else. This comes in the form of flooding, backups, excessively slow draining and decreased water pressure. Having an understanding of what causes clogging can help you prevent them. These are some of the common causes we see:

  • Food 

Use a garbage disposal if you put food waste into your drain. Otherwise, place it in the trash to avoid clogging. 

  • Flushable Wipes

We know, they’re labeled “flushable”. Don’t fall for it! Nearly all brands can easily cause clogs and damage to wastewater systems. If you choose to use these wipes, dispose of them in the trash instead. 

  • Grease, Fats and Oils

Most kitchen sink clogs we see are caused by the disposal of oil, grease and cooking fat directly down the drain. They harden as they get cooled and cause serious clogs in the drain. Just dispose of them in the trash or compost instead. 

  • Tree Roots 

This one is hard to avoid if you don’t know it’s there. These are the number one cause of clogs in sewer and water mains, so it’s definitely a concern. The roots will grow into the pipes and cause serious clogs if left unchecked. 

  • Hair 

This is the main clog culprit in bathrooms. Use a mesh screen over your drains to trap the hair before it gets down the drain. 

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If you’ve noticed something amiss with your drains, give the experts at Omega Plumbing in San Antonio a call as soon as possible. We’ll get you taken care of quickly and professionally!

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