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San Antonio Water Leak Detection & Repair

Identifying and repairing water leaks as soon as possible is absolutely necessary in order to keep your property safe from serious water damage. Omega Plumbing is here to handle all your water leak problems quickly and effectively, so you can keep your home running smoothly. 

It is a nightmare scenario when a water leak has gone undetected for an extended period of time. The results of prolonged leaks include damaged/warped walls and floors, the buildup of mold and mildew, as well as serious foundational problems. If you have reason to believe you may have a water leak, contact the experienced team of experts at Omega Plumbing to identify the issue and get it taken care of. 

How to Detect a Water Leak

Oftentimes, plumbing isn’t something many homeowners think about until it’s too late. Meaning, they don’t worry about the plumbing until there’s a big problem staring them in the face. However, having an awareness of early signs that there are issues is important and helps prevent costly damage down the road. 

Now, if you think you could have a water leak, the first thing you want to do is take a look at your water usage. This could be as obvious as comparing bills from the past few months to see if they’re escalating in a way they shouldn’t be, or you can check the water meter usage with your main valve turned off. If it registers usage while off, you may have a problem. Contact a professional like Omega Plumbing immediately to come take a look. 

Signs of a Water Leak

Keep a diligent eye out for the following indicators of a water leak on your property:

  • Gurgling Sounds 

If you notice these noises in your toilet or sink, it’s most likely an issue with the plumbing and may be a problem with the mainline. 

  • Puddles in Your Yard 

If portions of your yard are saturated with water or you’ve noticed pooling in areas, there may be a leak in your mainline. These areas may also stink of raw sewage. Additionally, areas of excessive lushness can be indicative of the ground absorbing extra water. 

  • Water Pressure Drops

If your water pressure has suddenly dipped, it could mean that you have a blockage in your water line. 

  • Water Bill Increase

If you’re like most San Antonio homeowners, you have a pretty decent idea of what your water bill is going to be each month. Seeing a sudden spike could mean you have a leak.

  • Cracking Foundation

If your concrete is consistently exposed to moisture, it absorbs it and cracks. Keep an eye out for cracking driveways and sidewalks. 

Typical Causes of Water Leaks in a House

Usually, you can spot a water leak pretty easily. However, there are times when water leaks are occurring under the home or within the walls, making them much more difficult to identify. Here are the most common causes of leaks that we see: 

  • Corrosion 

It’s natural for pipes to corrode over time, causing them to weaken and leak. 

  • High Water Pressure 

Overly-high water pressure in your plumbing system can result in damage and leaks. 

  • Temperature Fluctuation

When temperatures fluctuate too quickly, the pipes will expand and contract in a way that can lead to fractures and leaks. 

  • Weaknesses in Joints

If your pipe’s joints are weak or fragile, they will eventually fail you. If you’re hearing noises coming from your pipes, it might be because the joints are no longer working the way they should. 

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