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Water heater issues can truly derail your life. Everything gets put on hold until repairs are made. You need effective repairs as quickly as possible by a company you can trust. 

At Omega Plumbing, not only do we provide incredible plumbing services, we’re also experts at water heater repair. We believe in straightforward, quick repair services so you can keep your life running smoothly. 

Common Water Heater Problems

Many homeowners don’t think twice about their water heaters until they’re causing problems. However, they won’t last forever. A simple way to extend the life of your water heater is through annual maintenance measures with Omega Plumbing, but there are some signs you can look out for that indicate you could need to replace it completely:

  • Very Tepid Water 

This is an issue that can typically be fixed by simply turning up the temperature. If that doesn’t work, however, your heating element may have failed and the unit will need to be replaced. 

  • Zero Hot Water 

If you’re not getting any hot water at all, it’s possible that your pilot light has gone out. If that’s not the case, it may be heating element failure that requires replacing.

  • Water Smells Bad 

If the water smells bad when it comes out of the tap, it could be contaminated with bacteria. You need to call a plumber ASAP to determine what the best next step is. 

  • Noisy Tank 

If you’re hearing bangs coming from your water tank, it may be sediment buildup inside of it. This can usually be fixed by flushing the tank. 

Causes of a Leaking Water Heater

A water heater that is leaking could seem minor, but if it’s left to fester for too long, it can turn into quite the mess. If you’ve noticed water leaking out of your water heater, you need to call a profession plumber ASAP to get it taken care of. The most likely causes of water heater leaks are typically:

  • Insecure Inlets and Outlets 

When inlet and outlet connections are not totally secure, it can result in leaks that are usually simple to fix. Inspect these connections to ensure they’re secure and tighten them if you notice they’re loose. 

  • Heater Drain Valve 

Much like other valves, check to be sure this one is totally closed. If it is and you’re still having leaks, it may need to be replaced. 

  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve 

These relief valves keep the water heater running the way it should. If the pressure or temp is too high, these valves will activate and drain any excess. If you notice water running down the side of the tank, it might be coming from one of these two valves. 

  • Corroded Tank 

This is the most common and serious water heater leaks is caused by corrosion inside the tank. If routine maintenance is not performed, sediment can be allowed to build up in the tank and cause corrosion, thus resulting in a leaking tank. 

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