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At Omega Plumbing, we offer quality plumbing services in San Antonio TX. From leaky faucets to sewer line installations, we have the skills to service virtually any plumbing need. If you find you’ve lost water pressure in your bathroom or kitchen faucets or your toilets are taking an unusually long time to flush, call Omega Plumbing to clear your drains. Our specialists at Omega Plumbing have experience in all types of pipe repair and we’re able to provide drain cleaning, leak repair, pipe replacement, water heater repair/replacement, we’ll inspect your plumbing and quickly diagnose the problem. After Omega Plumbing repairs or replaces your pipes, you can expect consistent water pressure, and peace of mind.

Omega Plumbing, A Quality plumbing Services


Plumbing services

Omega Plumbing in San Antonio, TX provides superior plumbing services on every job we do no matter how big or small. contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Plumbing Repair

Our licensed plumbers can solve any of your plumbing issues efficiently with expertise we've gained throughout the years. But we can do more than repair your plumbing.


Having excellent quality water throughout your home or business is essential for many reasons.Besides being nasty to consume, iron filled, rusty, hard, metallic water causes other ...


We are here to help with yearly maintenance, water heater flushes, and pan replacement. For those suffering from a leaky water heater, Alberto can even repair...


Our master plumbers will inspect your home’s plumbing system and examine the pipes from the inside out using cables and high-tech sewer line cameras to ...

Drain Cleaning

When you need your drains cleaned, you'll be experiencing some problems that you'd rather not have to face. Clogged drains mean your wastewater has nowhere to...

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